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At The Hygge Planner, we’re committed to support your journey to unconditional you & to make our Planet greener.

We could do it TOGETHER.

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Whether it’s a digital product, our book,  an online course, or you’re a part of our Ko-Fi community.

ONE purchase = ONE 🌳 planted 

Each purchase makes a difference.

Every donation makes our planet greener.

We need you. we can do it together.

In the next 12 months, our goals are to

  • 🐝 Sponsor 12 Beehives 8% 8%
  •  🌱 Plant 785 Trees 21,8% 21,8%
  • 🐘 Adopt 14 Wildlife Animals (Upcoming) 0% 0%

Our Most Recent Hall Of  Famers are…

Sarah, Ceri, Barbara, Erica, Amy, Sheridyn, Autumn, Marie, Carol Ann, Maria, Jochen, Marjorie, Josiane, Cathy, Joan, Mary, Lucille, Rachel

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