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One Planner = One 🌳 Planted
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At The Hygge Planner, we’re proud to be a planner with a cause.


We’re committed to support your journey to be unapologetically you & to make our Planet greener.


When you buy a Hygge Planner, you invest in your daily cosiness, your sweet memories, your future confidence, and you actively make the Planet greener.

How It Works:

ONE planner = ONE 🌳 planted

Each planner makes a difference.

Every tree makes our planet greener.

You make a difference.

In the next 12 months, our goals are to

  • Plant 100 Trees 0% 0%

Our Most Recent Hall Of  Famers are…

Sarah, Ceri, Barbara, Erica, Amy, Sheridyn, Autumn, Marie, Carol Ann, Maria, Jochen, Marjorie, Josiane, Cathy, Joan, Mary, Lucille, Rachel, Kari, Madeleine, 

Thank You

Plant Trees

In 2021, The Hygge Planner will support Jane Goodall initiative to plant trees so chimpanzees could be saved in Africa.

Every Planner Counts




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