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Every purchase in the Hygge Shop = 3% Donate to charities
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Make A Purchase To Make A Difference

At The Hygge Planner, we’re committed to donate, every year, 3% of ALL our earnings to selected charities.

Part of our mission is to support YOUR journey to self-worth & happiness.

The other part is to make our planet green again. We could do it TOGETHER.

How It Works:

Step 1: You make a purchase

Whether it’s a digital product, our book,  an online course, or you’re a part of our Ko-Fi community.

ONE purchase = ONE chance to win (multiply your chances by buying several products)

Step 2: you enter our giveaway

For each purchase you’re making, you’re entering AUTOMATICALLY in our giveaway.

For example: Each time we open an online course, you’ll know which charity we’re supporting for this round. When you enroll for this course, you got ONE chance to receive a special gift.

Step 3: Pick the winner

For online courses/group counselling: ONE winner is picking per launch

For the book: ONE winner is picking per season

For the Planner: ONE winner is picking per season

What Gift Will You Receive?

It depends on the charity we’re supporting when you enter our giveaway. 

It may be: supporting a beehive, planting trees, or protecting wildlife


Support the beehive

The winner will get:

– an adoption certificate

– some pics of the adopted hive

– wild flower seeds to plant

– 600 g of honey from YOUR hive

Plant Trees

The winner will get:

– an adoption certificate

– the location of your trees

Protect Wildlife

The winner will:

– be able to choose which specie you want to virtual adopt

– get a plush from your specie (NOT suitable for kids under 3 years)

– get a pic 

– receive an adoption certificate

– enjoy a gift bag

Each purchase makes a difference.

Every donation makes our planet greener.

We need you. we can do it together.

In the next 12 months, our goals are to

  • 🐝 Sponsor 12 Beehives 8% 8%
  •  🌱 Plant 785 Trees 3,4% 3,4%
  • 🐘 Adopt 14 Wildlife Animals 0% 0%

Sponsor Beehives

Plant Trees

Protect Wildlife

Every Purchase Counts. Help Us To Make a Difference.




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