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The Weekly & Daily Planners To Craft, Plan, & Rely On A Cosiness-Based Way Of Life


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The Weekly Planner is perfect for you if:

– You’re Quiet/ Introvert

– You’re highly sensitive/ empath

– You’re easily drained by crowds

– You love using planners but none of them suits your needs

– You’d enjoy a “less is more” lifestyle

– You want to add more cosiness & comfort in your life

– You look for a simple, streamlined system to cultivate confidence


It’s a full size planner/ 8,5 x 11 in/ close to A4 with smooth paper and soft cover

Sneak Peek Of Inside Pages

The Daily Planner is Perfect for you if:

– You’re Quiet/ Introvert

– You’re highly sensitive/ empath

– You face stressful moments

– You’re mentally struggling

– You struggle to know what to do to be productive

– You have a hard time to stay calm

– You feel all over the place



It’s a regular size planner (6 x 9 in / roughly A5) with smooth paper

Sneak Peek Of Inside Pages

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Then I stumbled across Ophelie’s material on a Pinterest site and I felt an immediate connection.  She is real and honest.  She has helped me embrace that which I was missing of the Scandinavian lifestyle.  Simplicity with warmth.  

Ceri R.

What Makes Them Unique

Both are based on the same principles

Based on Comfort Zone

Treat your Comfort Zone as the track record of all your previous victories = your inner compass

Daily Practice of Cosiness

Gently put yourself first by taking a moment every day to enjoy cosiness (inspired by the Danish art of Hygge)

Promote Calm & Safety

Nurture a sense of hominess where you can daydream, ground yourself, & tap into your natural wisdom 

Build Up & Strengthen Confidence

Promote a healthy feeling of confidence to trust your intuition

Seasonal Living

Embrace the simple pleasures of every season (whether it's for activities, eating, Me Time)

Slow Down & Unplug

Take control of your time & gently detox from social media to spend more time outdoors.

Tame Self Sabotage

Make your mental health a priority by planning your life around comfort zone & cosiness.

Make Dream Come True

Craft, plan, & take action on your long lasting dreams so they become true one tiny step at a time

Made for Introvert Empath / Highly Sensitive

–> Because you deserve tools designed for YOUR personality

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