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(The Danish way of life made simple for quiet women who start living Hygge) 

Hygge Is A Feeling. You Can’t Buy It But You Can Learn It.

The simple way to add cosiness and hominess to your daily life with Online Courses, MasterClasses, & Patreon Membership.

Our Process

We’ve carefully designed a Hygge Roadmap so you can wrap your head around the idea of Hygge to being confident to use it everyday in THREE simple steps:


1. 30-Day Hygge

👉🏻 How to create an In Real Life Comfort Zone in 30 days using the Danish way of life (Hygge) to feel more confident. 

That’s definitely the very first step you want to jump in if:

– You’ve heard about Hygge BUT you don’t really know what it means

– You don’t know where it’s from and if it’ll fit into your busy/ chaotic life

– You’re having a hard time balancing work & life without feeling guilty to spend 30 min in hot tub.

At the end of 30-Day Hygge, you’ll be able to:

– use the Hygge Essentials to instantly feel calm/ happy/ relaxed

– create a custom/ easy to update Hygge Box

– create your very private Hygge space at home (even if you live in a tiny house)

– fill your own Hygge Wheel© to boost your confidence


2. The Hygge Planner Club

👉🏻 Practice Hygge to really strengthen your Comfort Zone (and, as a consequence your confidence)

You deserve to craft a life that looks like you with Hygge: Cosy, Homey, & Confident

Yes, you can:
– simplify/ quiet your life one tiny change at a time
– have more Me Time to recharge after a long/ stressing day at work
– incorporate Hygge every season
– blend it into your western life to get the same benefits
– feel calm, capable, and confident
– be a role model for your family

Best of all: monthly subscription starts at $5 & you can save up to 5413$ when you join us for a year.

3. Hygge Made Simple

👉🏻 How To Turn Your Comfort Zone Into An Unapologetic Confidence 24/7

This in-depth course will be launched in 2020

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Let us help you to take the first steps of Hygge

Cosiness & hominess made simple & real life friendly for people who live outside Denmark

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