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Hygge is a feeling

The simple way to add cosiness and hominess to your daily life with Online Courses, MasterClasses, & Patreon Membership.

The Patreon Membership

I strongly believe you owe yourself a comfort zone to move mountains or to have a positive impact on your family/ local community/ town. Truth is, most of you don’t know what feeling safe means. 

That’s why I share all the tools and the resources you need to craft a life that looks like you with Hygge: Cosy, Homey, & Confident

Yes, you can:
– simplify/ quiet your life one tiny change at a time
– have more Me Time to recharge after a long/ stressing day at work
– incorporate Hygge every season (whether you’re living in North or South Hemisphere)
– blend it into your western life to get the same benefits
– feel calm, capable, and confident
– get your family on board or be a role model

– learn the first step by practising Hygge every single day

1. The Hygge Essentials Toolbox


THE must-have toolbox when you’re starting your Hygge journey. No need to read Meik Weiking’s book to make the first step and instantly feel better.

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Cosiness & hominess made simple & real life friendly for people who live outside Denmark

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