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(The Danish way of life made simple for people who experience anxiety & want to STOP fitting in) 

Hygge is a feeling

The simple way to add cosiness and hominess to your daily life with Online Courses & sweet Freebies

1. The Hygge Essentials Toolbox


THE must-have toolbox when you’re starting your Hygge journey. No need to read Meik Weiking’s book to make the first step and instantly feel better.

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2. C.O.S.Y Up Daily

manage your anxiety with your daily planner, feeling overwhelmed, cope with overwhelm simply, how to beat overwhelm

The 4-step online course to create a hygge inspired daily To Do List  for people who want to unwind from 9 to 5, handle anxiety,  & unlock the Danish secret of COSYness (= Hygge)

The Hygge Planner has been featured in:

Let us help you to take the first steps of Hygge

Cosiness & hominess made simple & real life friendly for people who live outside Denmark

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