The One-Stop Shop for Hygge

(The Danish way of life made simple for Beginners who want cosiness & confidence) 

Hygge Is A Feeling. You Can’t Buy It But You Can Learn It.

The simple way to add cosiness and hominess to your daily life with Online Courses, MasterClasses, & eventually Planners. 

Satisfy Your Hygge Tooth With Mini Products

Short/ highly actionable… Ready to use right off the bat. You’ll fall in ♥ with them

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4 Seasons To Do list

Designed to become your cheerleader, BFF, real time virtual assistant. 

With just ONE page per day, you can:

– plan your day
– organise your priorities
– track your meals
– monitor your water consumption
– and more… 

Essentially Hygge

108 Done For You Ideas To Achieve Hygge, Quiet Your Life, & Keep It Sustainable When You’re A Beginner. 

Essentially Hygge is a comprehensive, easy-to-use mini guide to start your journey with Hygge (aka the Danish fine art of cosiness).

All you have to do is picking up one essential, read the description & choose in the list of ideas I’m giving. 


The Hygge Trackers

31 boxes with a cute decor so you can monitor:

– your water consumption
– your meds
– your workout
– your routine
– and anything in between…. 

The Hygge Trackers are a collection of 4 trackers (one per season) that you can download, print, and use for your personal use. 

Our Process

Wrap your head around the idea of Hygge so you can go from creating a real life comfort zone to being confident in THREE simple steps:


1. Hygge Made Simple

👉🏻 Hygge Is a Feeling To Build Not To buy

The very first step you want to jump in if:

– You’ve heard about Hygge BUT you don’t really know what it means

– You don’t know where it’s from and if it’ll fit into your busy/ chaotic life

– You’re having a hard time balancing work & life without feeling guilty to spend 30 min in hot tub.

At the end of Hygge Made Simple, you’ll walk away with:

– The core principles of Hygge (aka Hygge is a mean to an end: being happy)

– The 3-step Hygge path to build confidence using Hygge

How to achieve Hygge by taking the very first baby steps to see a lasting change (for you and your family)


2. 30-Day Hygge

👉🏻 How to create an In Real Life Comfort Zone in 30 days using the Danish way of life (Hygge) to feel more confident. 


3. I Don't Give A F..rench

👉🏻 How To Turn Your Comfort Zone Into An Unapologetic Confidence 24/7

Launching in 2021

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Let us help you to take the first steps of Hygge

Cosiness & hominess made simple & real life friendly for people who live outside Denmark

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