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Situation #1:

“I feel numb as if a big dark cloud is over my head everytime. I don’t know where to start. I’m stuck and nothing works for me. I need something to guide me and help me to map out the lifestyle I want.”

–> Start with Bye Bye 2020

Situation #2:

“I have more to do than just mani & pedi. I can’t stand green juice and I want to have spare time in my life to sing, dance, read, lift weight. I want a planner that supports MY life, not a planner that makes me feel guilty or worthless.”

–> Start with the 90-day UNDATED planner (4 covers available)

Situation #3:

“I search a planner I can keep at home. Something I can use to plan meals, remember what happened to my family, track my own creative projects, and make me feel cosy everyday. I look for practicality, comfort, and hominess.”

–> Start with the 1-year UNDATED planner

Undated – Printed On Demand

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Reset (expanded version of Bye Bye 2020)

This workbook is perfect for you if:

– you face challenging moments

– you feel overwhelmed/ drained/ stressed

– you want to let the steam out, release frustration & stress

– you look for a guided workbook to support you & process thoughts at your own pace

– INCLUDES FREE 90-min workshop to plan your next 12 months without relying on motivation



(+ shipping/handling)

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90-Day Undated Planner



From $47

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This 90-day UNDATED planner is perfect for you if:

– you’re Quiet/ Introvert/ Sensitive

– you’re sick of fad trends/ mainstream way of living

– you want to live by your own rules (harm no one, but take no s***)

– you can’t stand gossip & fake drama

– you want a minimal viable planner to keep it up & cultivate confidence

– you look for a cosy way to unwind/ tame mood swings

you know there’s another way of enjoying life but you look for a simple tool to pave you the way.


– print on demand

– 156 pages (90 g)

– soft cover

– 8,5 x 11 in (A4)




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1-year Undated Planner

This YEARLY UNDATED planner is perfect for you if:

– you want a stay at home planner

– you look for an all in one planner solution that encapsulates your entire lifestyle: budget/ hobbies/ creation/ meal planning/ mindset/ confidence/ weekly layout/ reading/ hygge practice

you want to create a memory book for your family

– you look for a subtle guidance throughout a year to cultivate healthy boundaries/ confidence/ cosiness (at your own terms)

– you’re ready to ditch all fad trends that intoxicate you & make you feel unworhty

– you want to make a gesture for the Planet (trees will be planted on your behalf)

– you want to honour your quiet side

– you’re sick of the self help world that makes you feel inappropriate, inadequate.



– undated/ printed on demand

– 578 pages (90 g paper)

– hard cover

– 8,5 x 11 in (A4) 


Mini Courses To Dive Deeper… 

Mix, Match, & Stick To Your Routine

This Introduction Course is perfect for you if:

– you need to adjust your “daily normal” on the go

– you look for a customizable system to create & stick to your routine

– you believe your quiet needs are worthy (but don’t know how to express them)

– you want to bring back some structure in your schedule

– you look for a simple way to be calm & grounded during incertainty



Create Your First Cozy Nook

This Introduction Course is perfect for you if:

– your family is super demanding and you crave for a place to rest at home

– you don’t have a garden but you’d love to have your safe haven to recharge

– you want to surround yourself with items that will energize you

– you look for a bubble of cosiness

– you enjoy DIY & you’re a beginner




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