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✨ Get The Livable Life You Deserve ✨

You’re craving for a slower pace of life for you & your kids.

You’re searching for a higher quality of life with more Nature and simple pleasures.

You’re waking up at 3 A.M cos you’re stressed & at your wits’ end. 

🌟 Now, you can connect the dots FROM Knowing what to do TO Following through & Craft the Lifestyle you 💕



Sounds way too familiar?

🥺 You’re juggling between child care, grocery, family time and it takes more & more energy to keep your head above the water.

🥺 You’re at the top of your work ladder and you’re getting bored.

🥺 You got more on your plate than you can manage and it’s hard to say “NO”. You want to take care of your loved ones.

🥺 You’re worried about your high mortgage or your kid’s tuition for college.

Wouldn’t it be cool if?

🥳 You could enjoy a much simple lifestyle with more Nature & decluttered environment.

🥳 You could take a staycation or a weekend off so you can recharge & rest effortlessly.

🥳 You could implement a healthy lifestyle where you’re raising independent, capable, & courageous kids into young adults.

🥳 You could build your legacy one memory at a time 

💕 Craft a Lifestyle Where Your Family Matters The Most & You’re The Unapologetic Role Model Your Family Deserves 💕


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Step 1: Get Your Workbook

We’re working on a sweet workbook where we:

debunk common myths & misconceptions about the cosiness-based way of life (Hygge)

– walk you through a customizable 7-day plan for your family so you can test the Hygge water before investing in our DPM Process©

Our DPM Method©

Sick & tired to have all the ingredients to be happy but you still have the impression you’re messing around?

What if you could have a fully customizable playbook to know what to do, when, how, and why this step is before that one?

I poured down my practice of the cosiness-based way of life with my Great Grand Mother’s legacy into the DPM Method©


Unzip Comfort Zone

Break free from all the BS you've heard about Comfort Zone.

We show you how to rely on it & expand it (sky will be the limit)

Craft a Cosiness Lifestyle (Hygge)

Model what the happiest country in the world do to have more Me Time & a better family life without adding stress.

Plan 90 days chunks

Get a tailored tool that inspire you to growsupport your daily life, & keep you on track for what matters: family.

Time To Practice

Know how to deal with challenges day in & day out.

Protect your cosiness-based lifestyle & be unapologetically you.

1. Hygge Made Simple

👉🏻 Danish Cosiness (Hygge) Is a Feeling To Build Not To buy

The very first step you want to jump in if:

– You’ve heard about Hygge BUT you don’t really know what it means

– You don’t know where it’s from and if it’ll fit into your busy/ chaotic life

– You’re having a hard time balancing work & life without feeling guilty to spend 30 min in hot tub.

At the end of Hygge Made Simple, you’ll walk away with:

– The core principles of Hygge (aka Hygge is a mean to an end: being happy)

– The 3-step Hygge path to build confidence using Hygge

How to achieve Hygge by taking the very first baby steps to see a lasting change (for you and your family)

⚠️ SOLD OUT ⚠️


2. 30-Day Hygge

👉🏻 How to create an In Real Life Comfort Zone in 30 days using the Danish Cosy way of life (Hygge) to feel more confident. 


3. I Don't Give A F..rench

👉🏻 How To Turn Your Comfort Zone Into An Unapologetic Confidence 24/7

Launching in 2021

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Let us help you to take the first steps of Hygge

Cosiness & hominess made simple & real life friendly for people who live outside Denmark

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