Still in love after a year!

Disclaimer: I’m writing a review to share my experience while using CoSchedule. I’m participating to their referral program. Learn more about it HERE

Before I unveil the nitty gritty reasons why my so-called « affair » with CoSchedule is lasting for a year already, please allow me to put some context around the situation.

I was at one of my lowest mental health level  ever

In June 2018, I was planning the last 6 months of my year with a lot of fun, attractive, amazing projects to go from idea to reality.

Just to give you an idea, I was planning to:

– relaunch the Planner with a physical version,

– host more MasterClasses to go from one season to the other

– release 30 Day Hygge wayyy sooner that it will be

– write another book

On a personal side, I was planning to:

– end my first play

– draw doodles regularly

– learn Spanish

– take some weeks off to recharge


Truth to be told, I widely underestimated my mental health + a bunch of unpredictable road bumps like:

– 2 months in bed with a weird flu

– my Mom surgeries

– major mood swings that left me drained and exhausted for weeks

– way too much informations and not enough time to process it

I knew I needed something to help me. I was searching for a magic wand that could support me while I was drowning and recovering.

I was committed to support and serve you above all (even above taking care of my own health because I’m trying to be the most reliable, loyal, and trustful person I can be).

I didn’t want to let you down and that’s why/ when I decided to invest in CoSchedule because I knew it will:

– cover my back

– deliver you massive support through a limited time investment on my side

– get over my fear of not being there for ages (and you don’t deserve that show/ NO show thing)

– honor my values as the founder of the Hygge Planner

– respect my needs to rest and recharge as an introvert (INFJ)

Let me introduce you the Founders of CoSchedule 👇🏻 (love the blue T-Shirt by the way)

But what is CoSchedule?

It’s like having a full team of marketing experts/ highly organized assistants/ best supportive friends packed in ONE tool only.

As they mentioned on their website, it’s « A family of agile marketing products that will help you stay focused, deliver projects on time, and make your team happy. »

Truth is, when I saw « make your team happy », I knew CoSchedule will be a good fit for me and the values I’m promoting through The Hygge Planner.

Want to give them a try, check their logo below or ANY of the images on this blog post, you’ll be redirected to

Why Coschedule is the most robust tool I’m using?


1/ I LOVE the specific & detailed analytics I received every week for ALL the Social Media I use

For instance, take a look below. It’s a screenshot from my personal account and I’m always blown away by all the information I can gather.

I tended to overlook those reports unless I realized that it was a wonderful way for me to know what you love to read, see, watch on my social media pages.

No more guessing, just repeating, and modeling what’s already working so you got more of what you want (and less of what you don’t enjoy).

Knowledge is a form of power to inspire, motivate, and share my story with you so you can craft the family life you deserve.

Ok… let me brag for a minute… Do you see that I got some viral content? OMG… I was so freaking happy to see that a tiny fraction of what I’m publishing may have positively impacted some of you. 

2/ No more overthinking when A/B tests


I’m not a marketing expert by heart, I’m learning to love it one day at a time. But, I feel it so daunting and time consuming to go back and forth with trials and errors.


Working with Coschedule is a massive weight off my shoulders when it comes to  doing what works. I have no time for those algorithms things, the changes from one platform to the others…


I’m so thankful for all the hard work they’re doing on the back end to make my publications, my campaigns way more useful for you.


I don’t have to re-think how I will organize my calendar, everything is visual + color coded (and YES, I’m color coded obsessed so it melts my introvert heart with comfort).


3/ I can do ALL my business tasks on ONE tool: pure happiness

For years, I’m doing my best to streamline my tools and how I operate.

The more tools I have, the more scattered my mind gets or as Coschedule mentions on their site « Manage every step of the process, keep conversations in context (no more diluted email threads and random Slack convos) and publish directly from CoSchedule »


Honestly, at first sight, I was skeptical … almost like a « too good to be true » promise. OMG… My fault! They over deliver ALSO on that topic.


Thanks to their streamlined platform ( their visual calendar, check below for an illustration from my personal account), I know what to do, when to do it, how to do it…


Whether, I’m writing a new blog post, I plan a new campaign on Facebook, or I’m testing a new idea with MailChimp integration…. EVERYTHING goes smoothly once it’s set.

That said, THE main reason I LOVE CoSchedule remains REQUEUE

4/ Requeue has been a game changer for the last year

There’s a pretty impressive time zone difference between where you live (most of you are from North America or Australia/ New Zealand) while I’m living in France.

—> you know that tiny country with the Eiffel Tower and all those high end fashion designers… needless to mention gastronomy or the French riviera)

Between those of you who are in San Francisco and those of you who enjoy Christchurch, there’s almost a 24-hour time frame.

That’s where Requeue comes to my rescue. I can set up intelligent groups to deliver the message at the best moment possible so YOU see the message and you got your dose of cosiness no matter where you’re living.

In addition, I love how visual and analytical this option is. I’ve created seasonal groups & podcast group so you’re got a better chance NOT to miss the point. 

Having a seasonal approach is critical for The Hygge Planner. i’m committed to share how I enjoy every season and how I can incorporate my cosiness-based practice on a daily basis.

With Requeue, no more FOMO for you (nor for me to be honest)

Would I recommend Coschedule?

ABSOLUTELY! It’s a time-saver that allows me to slow down, to recover & rest from that lowest mental health point I were a year ago.

I’ve been able to save more than 150 hours in just a year (more or less, it’s like having a year with 13 months instead of 12).

The review I received every week helps me to stay on track with what you want.

Thanks to their help, I’m capable to deliver exactly what you want with no more guessing.

Everything is neat, clean, very organized so I can be very targeted & focused on what I have to do.

More importantly, I’m reclaiming more balance between my recovery & my mission to serve you.

If you’re running a home based business or you know someone who would benefit from this review, please share widely and visit to get your free trial.