The Hygge Planner Story

Everything Started With An Idea In 2017

It All Started In High School…

I was quiet & reserved (you’d say introvert today).

On top, I was chubby which led to being harrassed, mocked, and teased for years. While I tried to keep my composure, I’m broken, lost, and confused inside.

I’m going through all the stereotypes:

“you’re selfish cos you’re a single child”

– “you must be a monster cos your parents are divorced”

– “you’re ugly, look at you”

“you’ll never be worthy of love, you’re not pretty”

to the point I snapped & did my best to become who they want me to be. What a mistake!

How I lost ALL my confidence between 2011 & 2013

By a cold morning of May, I was ready to defend my doctoral thesis in front of 5 jurors & got my PhD in Criminology with Honors.

Even if those four years of sacrifices, hard work, dedication & commitment were done, a weird feeling slowly took over.

I was standing there in the middle of my peers but, all I can recall was that huge void inside my chest and my stomach.

I felt empty, drained, anxious… I had no « what’s next? » plan in place. The logical road was to find a lecturer position… but I didn’t fit in.

Obviously, there were something wrong about me

I started reading all the books.

I registered and attended dozens or hundreds seminars/ workshops/ tele classes.

I made all the work & tested all the woo woo trendy approaches.

Everyone figured it out, why not me?

The void was getting bigger & bigger.

I couldn’t keep up like that for ages.

I could barely keep my head above the water.

I Felt Puzzled & Scattered

Until All The Pieces Eventually Fell Together

I was switching from The Little Book of Hygge & my Great Grand Mother’s journals that night.

Time Out was rerunning on TV: fighting for Time as our most valuable resource made me cry for hours.

When I woke up the next morning, I knew what I was meant to do


The Hygge Planner is a simple method to unzip comfort zone & craft a cosiness-based way of life to feel cosy, comfy, & unapologetically yourself.

Since 2017
The Hygge Planner has gathered a worldwide community of 10k+ members (& growing every day).

I’m proud to help women over 30 who feel lost, off track, and confused to connect the dots between knowing what to do &, finally, having the tools, the resources, and the confidence to follow through.

When you rely on your comfort zone AND you implement a cosiness-based way of life, you’re building an unstoppable confidence (&, eventually, happiness) for you & your family.


You rediscover

– the joy of simple pleasures,

– you take the time to live,

– you unplug for device,

– you enjoy the seasons as they are,

– and you build a legacy by sharing memories with your loved ones.


The Hygge Planner helps you craft the lifestyle you love & keep it up day in & day out.


When you master how to use your Time so that you feel calm, confident & safe. Cos’ I believe “unstoppable confidence begins inside Comfort Zone”



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