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Welcome to The Hygge Planner Show Episode #60, today I’m sharing how to craft a Summer Hygge Kit you can pack up in minutes

Having a portable Hygge kit that fits into a bag or a backpack is probably one of the most simple/ easy to implement tip I’m sharing over and over. And if you remember episode 44, I already shared how I switched from my winter hygge kit to my spring hygge kit. 


Now, it’s time to go from Spring to Summer… cos’ yes, Hygge happens all year long and Summer is the perfect moment to load up your mood with a healthy dose of vitamin D.


Grab your pen and your paper, it’s time to have fun.

In this episode, I’ll discuss:

-1: what’s the best size for a Hygge kit & when should you use your kit? 


The best size is the one that allows you to carry your Hygge kit no matter which pouch, bag, backpack, luggage, you name it… you have. 


it should be big enough to gather all you would need to tap into the hygge benefits. Just to name a few: stress release, limit overthinking, quick way to handle a burst of anxiety, need some comfort after a demanding situation, stay grounded, avoid negative self talk. 


Of course those situations are the ones where I need a quick, effective solution to feel better (but you may want to enjoy Hygge EVEN if everything is fine, great, ok, sweet in your life). 


Please don’t associate Hygge ONLY to negative moments or as a cure for everything around. If you’re happy with your life, hygge can bring more depth to your actual well being. 


If you need a professional help, please go and find a mental health practitioner that will provide advice & even medical support. There’s NO shame to maintain a healthy mental state. 


-2: What you should put inside your kit? 


That’s totally up to you and it widely depends on how you’re defining what Hygge is for you. 


By the way, if you’re curious about Hygge but you lack time learning about it with thousands of youtube videos or dozens of tutorials, you can join the waiting list for Hygge Made Simple©: the beginner’s course to introduce & incorporate the Danish Art of cosiness in your everyday life even if you’re busy or on a tight budget. 


-3: Where should you have a Hygge kit? 


I carry one in my purse but that’s not the only place I have a hygge kit. 

My Mom got hers in her car so she can experience Hygge on the go. 


My amazing assistant Juniper is keeping a Hygge kit close to her home desk (which is her workplace). 


Check your internal rules with your boss if you work in the corporate world so you won’t have any issue. But as a rule of thumb, if it fits into a drawer, it may be a good way of having a hygge kit without breaking the rules.


4- What I have in my Summer Kit? 


I try to drink even more water during hot season so I have an insulated water bottle with me where ever I go → which means I have natural organic water flavoring if I’m bored with plain water. 


I have a bottle of bergamot or orange essential oil to boost my mood or just because the smell is incredible. 


I keep some pics from the previous season in my kit as a reminder of the good moments. 


I update my playlist to something more boosting and uplifting. 


It’s time to Rewind:

Having a Hygge kit can be as simple as a small box with a couple of items you’ve curated because they mean something to you.

As long as you find items that trigger your sense of cosiness and comfort, you’re on the right spot. 


The best is yet to come.

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