Welcome to another Coffee Talk!

It’s not a big surprise, Danish people love treats & sweets. I bet they don’t really need an excuse like Halloween to dive into the bowl of chocolate candies. (source: http://bit.ly/2y89jY2 )

That said, you’ll NEVER be able to find me at that moment of the year. I’m diligently making plans each year to enjoy the end of October with my Mum.

That’s another reason why I’m so thankful to have an amazing and dedicated client care team. So, before I take a week off, let me share with you my 2-hour party planning to host a hyggelig Halloween.

Ok… Let’s be very clear. It can take ages to host a tremendous party. Yet, raise your hand if you’ve never had to organize an impromptu party in 5 minutes. 

The Best Halloween Party Ever with a Hygge Twist

No Idea Whatsoever About What Hygge Is?


Therefore, you’ve got no clue about this Danish way of life and, maybe, you’ve never even heard about that Danish word.

No need to hyperventilate. nor to worry. I got your back. 😉

👉🏻 However, if you’re already a Hygge fan, just skip this part and enjoy today’s blog post.


Still with me?


Ok.. awesome. Time to have fun.


What’s Hygge?


Let’s try to clarify the word first.

💕 It’s a feeling you can’t buy of safety, warmth, peace, calm, contentment, and everything in between. 💕

It’s a whole guide to craft a cosiness-based way of life for you AND your family based on:

🌟 cosiness,


🌟 and uniqueness,

To me, Hygge is like a roadmap to enjoy simple pleasure, slow down, unplug, and becoming unapologetically yourself.


Want to learn more about it?


1/ Read the reviews I made at  How The Hygge Book helps me to love my own quirks

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How do you pronounce it?


That’s certainly something you’d like to wrap your head around (at least at some point).

Yet, truth is, no one cares how you pronounce it as long as you can experience it day in and day out.

👉🏻 In short, it’s commonly admitted to be [HOO-GA].

Keep it simple and don’t over complicate the process. If you don’t get it the first time, no big deal.


Is there a Hygge lifestyle?


YES!! and without the shadow of a doubt.

Likewise, Hygge is more than just a list of things to do & NOT a decor.

🌷 quiet/ introvert? chances are you’re already living a cosiness-based lifestyle (Hygge) without even knowing it. You can model what you’re already good at enjoying that cosy, comfy, and homey feelings 24/7.

🌷 Newbie? and you’d love to implement that simple, decluttered, down to earth, ecofriendly, and comfy way of living for your family, that’s doable.

In short, it’s WHY I created this entire site: to provide you the tools, the resources, and the inspiration to turn your life into a cosiness-based living without adding stress. (Get a weekly dose of cosiness-based pep talk, join #TheHyggeLounge HERE)

🌟 It’s one thing to know what to do… However, it’s a whole new rodeo to apply or to follow through day in and day out. 


Where does Hygge come from?


Denmark (but the word itself comes for Norway). At some point, in history, Norway and Denmark were one kingdom only.

For the records:

– the first mention of Hygge is circa 1840 (which means Hygge is everything but a fad trends)

– Denmark is ranking on the top 3 of the happiest countries in the world every single year!

– the tax level in Denmark is one of the highest in the world. Yet, the citizens ARE full of happiness.

—> Who doesn’t want to model what the happiest people in the world are doing to be happy, content, and joyful day in and day out?  I swear I do (so does my Great Grand Mother in her journals)


Is this only a decor for Fall & Winter?


This is a common myth I MUST bust once and for all. Danish people don’t stop living 6 months of the year. They enjoy and practice Hygge ALL YEAR LONG.

As a result, they just adapt what they do. It’s easier to build a snowman in winter and it’s easier to hang out outside in the middle of Summer.

In other words, Hygge (cosiness-based lifestyle) works not only Fall & Winter but also in Spring and Summer.

Want a decor?  Ask a professional to set up a stage… But, you won’t get better in a snap because you own a fireplace and tonnes of fairy lights.

To sum up, if beating anxiety or winter blues was that simple, everyone would be happy and you wouldn‘t need a medication to avoid anxiety.

(Under medication? NEVER EVER stop without a professional help. Asking for help should be your #1 priority. No shame nor guilt to seek for a better health, or a better mental clarity)

Why would you spend $$$ to revamp your living room to look like a country living magazine cover? Want to show off on Instagram?

Having a cosiness-based lifestyle is NOT a popularity contest. No mandatory list of items to buy.

The fact is, Hygge happens in a Moroccan house, a contemporary penthouse, a cottage close to the sea, a tiny house, a small apartment that looks like a boudoir, or a fancy super modern house.


Eh… you’re done with the introduction.

Want to dive deeper?

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What? Just 2 hours?

Yes, 2 hours is a very short amount of time. So, let’s stay with the basics and forget the highly fancy outdoor decoration/ pumpkin carving if you did not have time to do it earlier.

I get it, Halloween is apparently not the hyggelig celebration of the year and you may find my hygge version of Halloween is kind of different from the traditional trick or treat party.

As usual, I’m giving you some ideas or blueprint to tweak according to your taste, your budget or even what you can find locally. Feel free to have fun, it’s a party after all.


The Best Halloween Party Ever with a Hygge Twist

What you will need…

We’ll stick with the basics… The Hygge Essentials so to speak:

  • candles
  • a bonfire (even a fake one on DVD is fine)
  • a bunch of blankets (we always need blankets, don’t we?)
  • a slow cooker for a pumpkin spice latte
  • glogg (or hot vine)
  • irish coffee (or any other variation around coffee)
  • chestnuts in oven/open fire (see recipes HERE)
  • a bowl of creepy candies with gummy, bloody treats
  • a playlist of horror films


30 minutes: Grocery Store

  • if kids are coming for trick and treats, buy pre-made packages of candies to giveaway or get a bunch of lollipops, sour treats, … —> when you go back home, you can throw everything into a huge bowl and patiently wait for little kids from the neighbourhood
  • if you need something for your party: think about baby carrots, olives, cherry tomatoes, sushi, ham, cheese, crusty bread… (oh, and a couple of candies, you know, just in case…)
  • I tend to have whipped cream at home, sprinkles to decorate chocolate or marshmallows but add it to your list if you need


15 minutes: Emergency Clean Up

It’s totally mind-blowing how many things we can clean in a short amount of time. Try to check if:

  • the bathroom is ready to use (sorry dear red lipstick, you’ll be in the makeup set for the evening)
  • add more clean towels for guests
  • rearrange the living room
  • clean the carpet (the vacuum cleaner is definitely my best friend)

15 minutes: Organize your Halloween buffet

  • find cute cups/ mugs for each guest
  • dedicate a full table to set up your buffet
  • make everything accessible and easy to use
  • add enough forks/knives/ spoon
  • set up the toaster if people want toasted bread (hello bruschettas)
  • find containers for your veggies/crackers…
  • be careful with ham/ meat of the Grisons/ cheese —> some of them may require staying in the fridge
  • if you have a buffet warmer it’s time to use it for homemade soup or some crockpot meals you’ve cooked early

—-> If you’re really short on time, ask your guest to come with something to eat. You’ll share everything together while watching horror movies or playing a good old Clue game. So Hygge I swear.


10 minutes: Light up the Candles

Be very careful if you have kids or pets, never let candles without surveillance.

  • if you have soy wax candles, it’s healthier for you and your guest (less pollution and less risk to smell artificial scents)
  • you may have an essential oil diffuser (just add water and a mix of essential oils to “perfume” your entire house). I often choose cinnamon or pine or even vanilla/orange —> If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here is a selection on Amazon http://amzn.to/2fR8bO4
  • Set up your bonfire or find a video with wood crackling (no exactly the same but still very relaxing)
The Best Halloween Party Ever with a Hygge Twist

10 minutes: Take a look at your library

The idea is to find what could be fun to share with your guests/ friends like:

  • game boards (Clue is my absolute favourite, Monopoly, Game of Thrones for the addicts)
  • movies
  • cards to play
  • DVD
  • Netflix if you have a subscription (look for Good Witch for instance)
  • a good creepy book (we all have a friend with a captivating voice to read “It” with a storm outside)


20 minutes: Beverages

  • It’s time to prepare some Glogg or some hot vine
  • You can go with pumpkin spice latte
  • or even some hot apple juice for non-alcoholic guests


20 minutes: Last Minute Cooking

My mum is totally crazy about my sweet potato oven fries (ok, they are even better if you can wait for a little so the yogurt marinade makes them even crispier outside and softer inside)

—> If you’re a Member of The Hygge Planner Mailing List, you’ll get the recipe for FREE this month (if not, I encourage you to subscribe today by downloading the Hygge Halloween Blueprint)


It’s time to wrap up!

Yes!!! You did it… 2 hours and you’re ready to have the hyggelig Halloween ever. I’m so proud of you, this was such a jam-packed blog post. Now it’s time for me to say “Goodbye” for a week…

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See you on our next Coffee Talk! Until then, keep it hygge!

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