The Tool that Changed my Entire Business

Today is a slightly off topic blog post…. Not totally out of my scope but it’ll appeal more to online business owners (or home-based business). Let’s dive into my praise for my new go-to toolbox: CoSchedule.

You may not know The Hygge Planner is NOT my first online endeavour. I launched my very first one in 2013… with, let’s be honest, no clue of what I was doing. No one around me was running a business, and I had no connection, no money upfront.


Fast forward, this business was a massive failure… not only financially but emotionally. I was drowning deeper into moodiness, mood swings, tiredness, and… the Big B… for Burnout.


I’ve taken almost 2 years to gather all the pieces of my little brain and feel (again) the urge to create something to help. But… another bump on the road occurred, I’ve been recently diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue and High Functioning anxiety.

The Hygge Planner means so much to me, I commit to find solutions that will ensure my health recovery while serving YOU with the high quality you deserve.


I’ve pivoted things like:
– creating a weekly podcast instead of a monthly blog
– investing in GDPR compliant softwares to support my journey
– using CoSchedule


The Tool that Changed my Entire Business

If you’re not familiar with CoSchedule

It’s a life changer, a dream come true for solopreneurs like me … but also for teams, bigger businesses working with assistants or designers…

It’s an editorial calendar that simplifies ALL your previous tasks while keeping everything organized on the same calendar.

They’ve built an incredible amount of integrations with all the big names out there so you forget NOTHING important.

Just to give an idea of all the features included (I swear I’ll share how I use them below). With CoSchedule, you’re able to:
– create a marketing calendar
– schedule social media
– automate your best messages with ReQueue (<— OMG, love this one)
– create marketing campaigns (and templates)
– draft email marketing
– reach details analytics
– manage your project workflows
-integrate with incredible other tools

The Tool that Changed my Entire Business

How I use my editorial calendar

Let’s be honest, I’ve been playing with signing up for CoSchedule… for… at least 2015. I knew I had to find a simple way to streamline my efforts.

I jumped on the wagon a little earlier than I thought to start healing from Adrenal Fatigue (which means working wayyyyy smarter than harder).

Every online business owner has this constraint in mind that if we struggle a lot, we can maintain our expenses to the bare minimum and it will still work.

To a certain point, it’s true…. Yet, when the only choice you have is: giving up or spending a couple of bucks to keep doing what you love. The choice is easier than ever.

1/ The #1 Reason I love this tool

I’m not a native English speaker.

So it means I need to be extra cautious when I write, speak, or make rhymes. CoSchedule has a built-in analyzer feature that saved me so a good deal of guesswork.

From the headline, social media posts to email header, I can test my ideas… see if it’s a good fit or if I have to go back to the drawing board.

Game changer for sure!!

2/ Best Time feature

Living in Europe with most of my audience based in North America means… time zone difference.

When I use the “Best Time” feature, I let CoSchedule do the hard work by testing, tweaking, and trying WHEN is the sweet spot for Facebook posts vs best time for Instagram… and so on.

Needless to mention that the perfect compliment to this “best time” is ReQueue


The Tool that Changed my Entire Business

3/ ReQueue is about to become my newest BFF

As online business owner, we all have prompts or designs we’d like to mention occasionally (for the newsletter for instance) or during a special time (like launch or seasonal greetings for instance).

As soon as you set up ReQueue, you can almost set it and forget it. So far, I looked at this ability and I know it will save me a headache and time.


4/ I love how visual it is

Having everything on ONE calendar is a real bliss. I’m very visual and knowing I can “highlight” every piece of content related to one special podcast helps me to organize my social media messages while nurturing my audience regularly.

It’s a fantastic way to leverage your time for the better. It supports my craving for consistency in sharing my message + it increases my potential to be seen as a trusted advisor.

I’m working very hard to curate data, researches, and personal stories that will support, help, encourage, or inspire The Hygge Planner audience. It’s my moral duty to provide my best to them AND to do it simply.

5/ CoSchedule is in love with the platforms I’m using

There’s a trick I can’t stop using: switching from text message to link message, to image message… It’s as easy as a mouse click.

No need to go back and forth from one social media platform to the other. I got all my connection with Facebook, Instagram, and YES, even Pinterest. It’s never been easier to spread the word out there daily.

I’m creating 4 Podcasts per month and I’m able to streamline every message I have to deliver exactly when I need… everything is on the same page with the good link included.


The Tool that Changed my Entire Business

6/ The weekly report soothes my analytical mind

As an ISTJ (analytical introvert), I’m craving for this weekly report that points my best shots, my weaknesses, and way more.

Knowing what worked with detailed analytics supports my needs to track my progress.

Often, we struggle to recognize our progress (or we tend to diminish them because we can’t track them properly)

7/ CoSchedule helps my health recovery…

So far, I’m saving about 3 to 5 hours per week. I didn’t realize how many hours it took to be present on social media.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a treat to share what I’m passionate about with people who live on the other side of the world. But time will never come back and I need to use it wisely.

In fact, this tool helps me to keep my anxiety at its lowest level by avoiding the pressure of last-minute content “What should I post now? ” or “OMG, it’s been three days since my last post”

Consistency is THE key to build trust and to earn respect. CoSchedule simplifies my life by making it enjoyable to pop up on Facebook for an impromptu live (because I know that I’ve got powerful messages out there when my audience is ready to consume them).


I can’t emphasize enough how much I love CoSchedule and I swear it’s worthy to try it (at least) . I wished I took a leap of faith earlier because now I wouldn’t imagine The Hygge Planner without it.


The Tool that Changed my Entire Business