Try The Hygge Planner For $7 ONLY

Let’s Try Digital Before You Buy Physical


You’re tempted to invest in The Hygge Planner but you’d love to test the water first.


You bet there’s a deal for you.


Get a full month & 4 covers for less than your favourite Starbucks & test how it works for you.

Sneak Peek Of What’s Inside

With its clean & lean design, your journey from cosiness/ comfort to rock solid confidence is smooth & simple.

You’re encouraged to master your time which leads to embrace a “less is more” way of life, & eventually to be unapologetically you.

You’ll get:

Check In & Out Pages

Brainstorm & Comfort Zone Pages: start small & build momentum based on your past victories

Decision Pages: make your dreams come true one step at a time

Month At A Glance Pages: 6 months in every planner (for you and/or every family member)

Weekly Pages: 5 weeks included for every planner

Hygge Pages: mini course/ tips/ secrets to implement Danish cosiness in real life

Four Covers Included

Personalized your planner with one of those handmade designed covers.

– Traditional Danish

– Minimalist

– Kawaii

The choice is yours.


Tech Savvy Tips

Whether you’re born with home printer or you’re new to the tech aspects, you’ll get instructions & tips to get the most out of your digital planner

What You Can Expect

You’ll find support you to craft, plan, & enjoy a cosy lifestyle that cares for you (which eventually make you feel unapologetically confident)

Based on Comfort Zone

Treat your Comfort Zone as the track record of all your previous victories 

Daily Practice of Cosiness

Gently put yourself first by taking a moment every day to enjoy cosiness (inspired by the Danish art of Hygge)

Promote Calm & Safety

Nurture a sense of hominess where you can be unapologetically you 

Build Up & Strengthen Confidence

Promote a healthy feeling of confidence to step up on will for what matters

Seasonal Living

Embrace the simple pleasures of every season (whether it's for activities, eating, Me Time)

Slow Down & Unplug

Take control of your time & gently detox from social media to spend more time outdoors.

Tame Self Sabotage

Make your mental health a priority by planning your life around comfort zone & cosiness.

Make Dream Come True

Craft, plan, & take action on your long lasting dreams so they become true one tiny step at a time

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The Hygge Planner is the monthly planner for Introverts to craft, plan, & enjoy a cosiness based way of life.

Craft your lifestyle, Plan your schedule, Enjoy Hygge!