Try The Hygge Planner For $7 ONLY

Let’s Try Digital Before You Buy Physical


You’re tempted to invest in The Hygge Planner but you’d love to test the water first.


You bet there’s a deal for you.


Get a full month & 4 covers for less than your favourite Starbucks & test how it works for you.

Sneak Peek Of What’s Inside

With its clean & lean design, your journey from cosiness/ comfort to rock solid confidence is smooth & simple.

You’re encouraged to master your time which leads to embrace a “less is more” way of life, & eventually to be unapologetically you.

You’ll get:

Check In & Out Pages

Brainstorm & Comfort Zone Pages: start small & build momentum based on your past victories

Decision Pages: make your dreams come true one step at a time

Month At A Glance Pages: 6 months in every planner (for you and/or every family member)

Weekly Pages: 5 weeks included for every planner

Hygge Pages: mini course/ tips/ secrets to implement Danish cosiness in real life

Four Covers Included

Personalized your planner with one of those handmade designed covers.

– Traditional Danish

– Minimalist

– Kawaii

The choice is yours.


Tech Savvy Tips

Whether you’re born with home printer or you’re new to the tech aspects, you’ll get instructions & tips to get the most out of your digital planner

What You Can Expect

You’ll find support you to craft, plan, & enjoy a lifestyle that cares for you (which eventually make you feel unconditionally you)

Based on Comfort Zone

Treat your Comfort Zone as the track record of all your previous victories = your inner compass

Daily Practice of Cosiness

Gently put yourself first by taking a moment every day to enjoy cosiness (inspired by the Danish art of Hygge)

Promote Calm & Safety

Nurture a sense of hominess where you can daydream, ground yourself, & tap into your natural wisdom 

Build Up & Strengthen Confidence

Promote a healthy feeling of confidence to trust your intuition

Seasonal Living

Embrace the simple pleasures of every season (whether it's for activities, eating, Me Time)

Slow Down & Unplug

Take control of your time & gently detox from social media to spend more time outdoors.

Tame Self Sabotage

Make your mental health a priority by planning your life around comfort zone & cosiness.

Make Dream Come True

Craft, plan, & take action on your long lasting dreams so they become true one tiny step at a time

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The Hygge Planner is the monthly planner to craft, plan, & enjoy a cosiness based way of life.

Craft your lifestyle, Plan your schedule, Enjoy Hygge!