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3 unannounced benefits of embracing Hygge on a daily basis

Welcome to The Hygge Planner Show Episode #48, today I’m talking about three unannounced benefits of living Hygge

Raise your mug if you already enough on your plate and you don’t have time nor willingness to add more for the sake of adding (aka as being trendy/ in/ on the A list… choose your burden). 


Life is too short for wasting our time doing things that are not meant for us. Ok, don’t get me wrong. I’m not telling you to avoid trying new things, nor to stay away from new endeavours. 


In that case, I’m just talking about mindlessly accepting to commit to behaviours that suck the joy out of ourselves ONLY because x; y; or z share it on IG. 


Let me share with you 3 unexpected outcomes you may enjoy while embracing the Hygge lifestyle on a daily basis

in this episode, I’ll discuss:

-1: It’s easier than ever to put myself first and to take care of my own needs first. 


→ Big disclaimer: I’m talking about the healthy side of self care…. not the egoistic, narcissistic edge where it’s “me, me, me, me…” and me again. 

→ we all need some private space to rest, recharge, and relax (especially if you’re introvert). 


When you’re handling a 9 to 5 + a family + your friends + running errands from a busy life, it’s getting easy to skip Me Time to fold a laundry batch (or to cut the grass) 


We’re so involved in taking care of others that we often forget that we’re important/ worthy/ valuable as well. 


-2: I regularly rethink my “need” to have a perfect environment


Having a picture perfect home won’t sustain your happiness, nor support healthy family bonds. 


It’s a thing to live in place I enjoy but I don’t feel the need nor the urge to buy another piece of furniture to show off. 


I rarely fall in love with bubble trends that arrive and pop in a snap. I don’t change my wall paint every 2 months and a half cos now purple is in (and in 8 months, it’s gonna be coral or blue). 


I don’t give a f..rench to what people think about my interior decoration as long as I love it. I don’t do things to be loved by others. I don’t seek validation nor appreciation in their praise. 


I follow my own path. I make mistakes and I learn from them. I don’t seek perfection, I strive for improvement…. 


You don’t have to have a KonMari house to a t to earn the right to be happy. Happiness is yours to choose. It should never be a trend-imposed thing you’re chasing. 


-3: Saying “NO” is now as normal as  testing new things.


For a long long time, I’ve been labeled as selfish, egoistic, narcissistic ONLY because I am a single child. I lived under the umbrella/ stereotype that because I’m a single child, I must have been like a monster. 


Labels and stereotypes have taken a big toll on how I reacted to people: trying to constantly please them, to neglect my own feelings, to go against my own will… to, at the end, feel miserable no matter how hard I tried. 


By embracing the Hygge way of life, I put myself first with a whole new perspective. I’ve honed my core values, and I’m more aware of what suits me and what’ not for me. 


In a trivial way, it’s like growing claws to protect who I truly am and reclaim that my point of view is as valuables as yours. 


Never ever let anyone tell you that you’re a freak, a weirdo, or any other awful label. You’re worthy of interest, respect, and love. 

It’s time to rewind…

Hygge is way more than just candles and blankets. It’s a whole philosophy, a way of living all year long.

Truth is, embracing Hygge really helps me to harness my own authenticity. It brought me courage, confidence, and a strong feeling of belonging.

Here’s the very first step I took to embrace cosiness daily without agonizing under guilt and remorse:

The best is yet to come.

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